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The 100 point 'Live Clean' 25 Day Challenge

On Saturday the 5th of April at 12:00 we have a Nutrition workshop with James Buckingham. To help you kickstart any changes you may wish to make from this we have introduced a 100 point challenge starting on Monday 7th April

The ‘Live Clean’ 25 Day Challenge


To score a point you must adhere to the challenge guidelines, you can score a maximum of 4 points a day. You can also lose points if you commit any of the ‘live dirty’ sins.

You will score a point for being successful in any of the below 'live clean' tasks:

Drink 3 litres of water a day
Eat a minimum of 3 meals a day containing meat/fish or eggs, fresh vegetables and good fats
Perform some activity every day; CrossFit, sport or active recovery
Take Omega 3, Vit D and a multivitamin

You will lose a point by committing any one of the following ‘live dirty’ sins:

Drinking alcohol
Eating processed foods
Skipping breakfast
Under 7 hours sleep

Therefore your maximum points total is 100.

You will be required to:

Take before and after photos
Complete a quick body composition test
Keep an up to date exercise and nutrition journal (sample page supplied)

The Winner:

To decide the winner we will take in to account your score, your journal and your before and after results.

The Prize:

The prize for 1st place is a pair of Inov8 trainers of your choice and a month’s FREE membership

For unlimited members members the nutrition workshop is FREE, for all other members and guests the workshop is £10. The 'live clean' 25 day challenge is FREE to enter for everyone.

In health

James Bish