07. Jan

CrossFit Kids is FREE to members

If you have a 3-18 year old that wants to get fit, strong and healthy.  CrossFit kids classes are now FREE to members children.  Get in touch to find out more.

07. Jan

Primal Games 12

An all abilities CrossFit competition taking place on Sunday 7th February 2016 at CrossFit Plymouth

07. Jan

Get Started Now

Throughout January and February we are going to help get you started with an Introduction to CrossFit Workshop.  This will help explain; What CrossFit is, why it works and how it could just be the best program for you.  In addition to this we'll teach you the basic CrossFit movements and put you through a short CrossFit workout so you can experience a bit of the magic.

For details on how to book on for this session contact us as soon as possible.

04. Jun

New Weightlifting Club times

Every Wednesday:

Beginners: 17:30

Intermediate/Advanced: 18:30

Just £5 to be coached by Billy Hannah

08. May

Thursdays = Active Recovery

Active Recovery Session.

Every Thursday at 17:30

This includes some light cardiovascular work or skill work and an hour of yoga

Inclusive to unlimited members or just £5

16. Apr

Easter Open Hours

Good Friday
Group WOD 11:00
Open 10:00-15:00

Group WOD 11:00
Open 11:00-18:00

Group WOD 16:00 (Probably followed by a BBQ
Open 14:00-18:00

Bovisand to Wembury and back (this allows for less competent runners to turn back at any point) Coastal Run (sea dip optional)
Meet at the Bovisand car park at 09:00

Box closed

Business as usual

07. Apr

Live Clean Update

Good luck to all of the 'Live Clean' participants. You should have all received the challenge guidelines.  

All the coaching staff at CFP are here to help you with anything and look forward to hearing about and your progress over the next 25 days.

Live Clean - Train Dirty

01. Apr

The 100 point 'Live Clean' 25 Day Challenge

On Saturday the 5th of April at 12:00 we have a Nutrition workshop with James Buckingham. To help you kickstart any changes you may wish to make from this we have introduced a 100 point challenge starting on Monday 7th April

The ‘Live Clean’ 25 Day Challenge


To score a point you must adhere to the challenge guidelines, you can score a maximum of 4 points a day. You can also lose points if you commit any of the ‘live dirty’ sins.

You will score a point for being successful in any of the below 'live clean' tasks:

Drink 3 litres of water a day
Eat a minimum of 3 meals a day containing meat/fish or eggs, fresh vegetables and good fats
Perform some activity every day; CrossFit, sport or active recovery
Take Omega 3, Vit D and a multivitamin

You will lose a point by committing any one of the following ‘live dirty’ sins:

Drinking alcohol
Eating processed foods
Skipping breakfast
Under 7 hours sleep

Therefore your maximum points total is 100.

You will be required to:

Take before and after photos
Complete a quick body composition test
Keep an up to date exercise and nutrition journal (sample page supplied)

The Winner:

To decide the winner we will take in to account your score, your journal and your before and after results.

The Prize:

The prize for 1st place is a pair of Inov8 trainers of your choice and a month’s FREE membership

For unlimited members members the nutrition workshop is FREE, for all other members and guests the workshop is £10. The 'live clean' 25 day challenge is FREE to enter for everyone.

In health

James Bish

28. Mar

Event: Primal Annual Competition Calendar


May 18th - Primal Masters 1
June 22nd - Primal Games 5
July 6th - Primal Athlete Q2
August 17th - Primal Masters 2
September 21st - Primal Athlete Q3
October 19th - Primal Elite 1
November 30th - Primal Athlete Final

28. Mar

On Ramp